William E. Taylor Division of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is accepting earnest inquiries from qualified youths, aged 10 through high school, who are interested in learning about our Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Merchant Marine.

We are a training unit which drills one weekend per month, eleven months per year, and which provides many opportunities for Cadets to train with and to work with regular and reserve US Navy, US Coast Guard, & US Marine Corps personnel (with ‘not any ’ or with ‘minimal ’ limitations) at summer Advanced Trainings (AT).

William E. Taylor Division’s is a volunteer youth program. It is funded my donations from organizations and individuals. As such, there are basic operational fees assessed to cadets. A cadet is assessed an annual fee of $75.00 which covers his or her ID card and insurance. In addition, a one time enrollment fee of $200.00 which covers uniforms, boots, sea bag, and various other uniform related items (patches, ribbons, etc) during a cadet’s continuous tenure with Taylor Division. These fees are non-refundable.

While costs are kept to a minimum, cadets are responsible for annual trainings and related transportation, meals and occasional away activities. When possible, additional costs are offset my unit funds and donations.

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