FIG Directions

The address is on the training pages – it’s top of the Check-in list on each training page.

NLCC Orientation: location is not yet known, so you will need to check back.

NSCC Recruit Training & Field Operations:

For both, Check-In:

Check in location  is 1200 Susquehanna Ave,  Annville PA 17003, Building 12-91

FIG seems to be in some sort of navigational vortex, the above address either does not show up, or shows up under different towns depending on the map/gps: Annville, Jonestown; Google sees it at Grantville, under a different zipcode: 17028.

Google Maps (desktop, mobile) struggles with this address for some reason (biased on Philly locations), as does Waze, even with the zip code, odd.

Bing Maps find it though: 

1200 Susquehanna Ave, Annville PA  17003

Apple Maps (web and mobile), finds it, though it shows up as:

1200 Susquehanna Ave, Jonestown, PA  17003

Google, Waze thinks that same location is a different zip code even:

1200 Susquehanna Ave, Grantville, PA 17028


1200 Susquehanna Ave., Jonestown, PA 17038