Teresa Vikari
EVTG 50th Co Chair

Please have your crew either email me or text me during the day as I really cant answer my cell phone at work. OR you can get me at work from 0830 to 530pm.  Number: 302-477-8800, my direct line.

The details are actually pretty simple.

The event takes place on our property at the Delaware Saengerbund, 49 Salem Church Road, Newark, DE  19713.  The place where the “infamous” Oktoberfest takes place.

On the 15th of September we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our folk dance group.  We are holding our banquet in the tent for the Oktoberfest. As part of the event we have a parade of flags from all of the guest groups attending from all over North America.

The Color Guard will be the escort of the flags that we are carrying in.  Each flag has a flag bearer.  And once the parade is inside the tent and on the stage we then do the National Anthems. They are : Canada; Bayern Hymn(State of Bavaria, Germany); German National Anthem and the the US National Anthem.

Once they are complete we have a blessing for dinner and then the flags are dismissed and marched off the stage again.  Once that is done your unit is finished and welcome to leave.

The time for all of this is 600pm.  So I would assume that your unit would want to arrive to the club by 500pm.  My husband is in charge of this part of the evening and he will be the one you will report too upon arrival.