Darkness to Light (D2L)

In order to assist with any activity for Sea Cadets, you must complete the Darkness to Light (D2L) course.  All adult volunteers must complete the D2L program on an annual basis.

Step one is approving the Volunteer Code of Conduct form online. This is the same one you signed and gave back to our Admin Officer. We wanted to make sure you understood what was required of volunteers before you applied, so we asked for the signed copy up front.

The second step is completing the Darkness to Light (D2L) video and questions. This takes about two hours.

1. Go to members.seacadets.org.

2. Input your email address (the one you gave provided on your application). Then click that you forgot your password. The system should then generate a password for you.

3. Once you have your password and log into the system again, it should ask you to approve the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

4. After that is completed, go in under site links to “Take Stewards of Children”. Click on “Take Stewards of Children” again. Then click on “Launch.”

5. You should get a notice that you have completed the training and there is a certificate you can print out. Make sure you print out the certificate. We have had multiple cases of the system not recording the completion of the course even though a certificate has been provided. If that happens, I can provide the certificate you printed to the IT person at Headquarters. She can update the system manually so you will get credit.

Please send me an email to our Admin Officer when you have completed the course, so we can make sure it transfers to Magellan.