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We recruit from a 50 mile radius of our location.


We are a training unit which drills one weekend per month, twelve months per year, and which provides many opportunities for Cadets to train with and to work with regular and reserve US Navy, US Coast Guard & US Marine Corps personnel (with ‘not any ’ or with ‘minimal ’ limitations) at summer Advanced Trainings (AT).

The summer training sequence is:
(1) an introductory Boot Camp
(2) a US Coast Guard Station
(3) a US Coast Guard boat or a National Sea Cadet Corps school:

Please stand apprised that post-boot ‘advanced’ non-school ATs involve working in the presence of all associated hazards.  Marksmanship training involves .22 ‘target’ firearms and US (Allied & ‘OpFor’) standard service weapons.  

Cadets are not obligated to serve in the armed forces, but may enlist at an advanced paygrade (up to E3) when qualified.  You too may be able to qualify, right out of high school, for a NAVY or COAST GUARD boot camp with a guaranteed ‘A’ school and $1,787 per month pay to start!  Ask about the Montgomery G. I. Bill, which provides a large part of trade school or college tuition to every veteran with an Honorable Discharge!

William E. Taylor Division’s total program costs per Cadet do not exceed five hundred dollars per year (which covers all of annual dues, uniforms, one summer “Two Week Training” away, new shoes annually, three one day ‘road trips’, three away ‘wknds’, all ‘one-time’ [refundable] deposits, et al, etcetera, etcetera).