NRA Training

All of our cadets are interested in marksmanship, so let’s get the qualifications to do it right. This training is only available to our adult unit staff and auxiliary members.

The USNSCC is sponsoring an Adult Leadership Training opportunity in March for Teaching Credentials from the NRA. You will earn the following Teaching Credentials from the NRA:

  • Basic Firearms Safety
  • Basic Rifle Instructor
  • Basic Pistol Instructor
  • Range Officer

This training is a long weekend, Friday through Sunday, March 23, 24, 25.

If you were to go to a NRA Counselor that offered any one of these courses you would pay upward to $300.00 each. This is an opportunity to get it all for $130.00. This covers our expenses only. Meals and Lodging for two nights and three days are on you, but should not be that expensive.

Please take advantage of this training.

Training Location: Stockton University, Galloway Township, NJ

Event Notes:

Coffee and Juice and breakfast items are available in the student center next to the training building. Lunch item are available in the same place. All sorts of fast food and sit down dining are close by in the local community.

Lodging Notes:

Lodging and meals are up to ach individual trainee, and are not part of the fees paid. Fees cover training cost and materials only. There is no national funding or Sea Cadet assets used for this training due to the possibility that the certification received could be used by the trainee to financially gain. Lodging in the local are is plentiful and ranges from $75.00 Per night to $200.00.

Travel Notes:

Stockton University


Driving Directions to Stockton’s Main Campus

From the South (southern New Jersey, south of Parkway Exit 44)

  1. Travel north on the Garden State Parkway and take Exit 41.
  2. At the light at the end of the Exit 41 ramp, turn left onto W. Jimmie Leeds Road.
  3. Travel 1 mile to the entrance sign for Stockton University, turn right onto Vera King Farris Drive.
  4. For campus parking, continue 1? miles; parking is available on the left.
  5. Once you arrive on campus, please park in Lot 3, directly in front of the Campus Center.
  6. Enter the campus center, and walk directly across the lobby to the exit door.
  7. At this point you will be in Independence Plaza (Large Declaration of Independence will be displayed).
  8. Walk across Independence Plaza to an entrance door and make a right.
  9. Walk down the hall and the University Library will be on the left and you will be in F-Wing.
  10. If you have any questions, please call Sergeant Paulo Henriques (Stockton Alum ’12) at 973-820-5744.