The “Officer/Midshipman Study Guide” is an online “quiz” for adult volunteers who are seeking an appointment to Officer or Midshipman rank.

The purpose of the OMSG is to walk adult volunteers through the various USNSCC Policy Regulations and Manuals, so there is nothing to study prior – it’s an open book quiz which guides you though the material. The quiz is self-paced, there is no time limit and you can stop and restart as you go. So the key is it’s literally a “Study Guide”. A minimum score of 80% (200 of 250) is required to pass the course.

Completion of the OMSG is required:

  • For all Instructors who must complete it within their first year.
  • Prior to attending Officer Professional Development (OPD 101, 201, 301) courses.
  • Prior to volunteer for Summer Training (which requires attending OPD 101).

The guide is offered as a quiz on the NLCC/NSCC Online Testing System (NOTS). If you are going to take the OMSG, the Training Officer will set you up in the system and you will receive an email with login/password information to the quiz which is hosted by

If you don’t see an email, check your junk mail – the email will be:
Subject: Classroom login details –

Hi <you>,

Please login to your classroom to complete your assignments:
Classroom Link:
Your username: <you>@<whatever>.com
Your password: ABCD1234

The regulations and manuals are all up on under the “POLICY” tab. Questions progress through the manuals, so you don’t need to hunt throughout. Every section of the OMSG tells you which manual to reference.