NSCC Recruit Training (RT)

  • Recruit Training at Fort Indiantown Gap is Sunday, 24 JUN  to Saturday, 07 JUL (2 weeks). 
  • Recruit Training is a requirement for the NSCC program. 
  • Basic Military Requirements (BMR) Correspondence Course MUST be completed by May Drill in order attend Recruit Training. 
  • BMR Correspondence Course MUST be at least ½ completed by April Drill in order to be issued additional uniforms required for Recruit Training. 
  • BMR Correspondence Course answer sheets are to be sent via email to Instructor Loring (tloring@seacadets.org) as you complete them for grading. 
  • Physical Readiness Training must have been passed in the prior 6 months; even though you have passed at February Drill, there will be a PRT Test at May Drill. 
  • You must commit to ongoing Physical Readiness Training on your own time. At Recruit Training you will have to again pass the PRT Test on your first day – if you fail, you will be required to attend remedial PRT in addition to regular PRT. 
  • The Seabag List is available at the above link – there are items you must purchase on your own and you MUST abide by the minimum quantities on the list. 
  • We will add additional information including cost and payment requirements to our Members page at http://SeaCadetsDE.org/members and preparing at our regular April, May and June Drill Weekends.