Training List & Request


Form Notes:

  • Must use BLACK ink on forms
  • Some forms are Word Documents or PDFs that can be edited, please note:
    • Any boxes for Parent Initials must be hand-initialed, do not type in form
    • Any signatures must be hand-signed
  • Scan/photo of forms can be emailed to
    • Be sure image of form is framed well and legible

Request for Training Authority Form (NSCTNG0001)

Once a cadet is registered for a training, parents will be emailed this form which must be signed by parents; this must be sent back to us ASAP to be signed by Cmdr Elliott.

Medical Forms

  • seacadets_application_NSCADM001_3,4_medical_history
    • Must be dated 30 days prior to a training
    • Parent Signature Only
  • seacadets_application_NSCADM001_5,6_medical_exam
    • Annual Medical Exam – must be updated annually
    • Must be not expire during a training
    • Medical Provider Signature Required
  • seacadets_application_NSCADM001_7,8_medical_history_supplemental
    • For medications – prescription and non-prescription (including vitamins)
    • MANDATORY for all Cadets who will report to training with prescription and/or non-prescription (over the counter) medications

    • Medication must NOT have expired.
    • Review Section 3 for packaging and labeling requirements
    • If the cadet is taking prescription medications, a qualified medical provider must endorse this document in Section 10, confirming the accuracy of the prescription information provided.
    • Medical provider signature for OTC medications is NOT REQUIRED; parent signature is sufficient for OTC medications.
    • Medical Provider Signature only required for prescription meds


Payments vary by training; some are online, most require a Money Order. Some require us to send Money Orders via the Unit. We will advise the payment requirement for your particular training in the training details below.

PT Gear

Trainings require official USNSCC Navy Blue PT Shorts and Gold PT Shirts from Vanguard Military:

Admin Links


NSCC Recruit Training (RT-IL-1901) – Great Lakes

NLCC Petty Officer Leadership Academy  (LP-CT-1901)

NSCC Recruit Training (RT-MD-1901) – Aberdeen

  • RT-MD-1901 Nscc Recruit Training Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD
  •  $220.00 6/28/2019 – 7/7/2019
  • RT-MD-1901WelcomePacket
  • Paperwork:
      ● NSCTNG 001- Request for Training Authority
      ● NSCADM 001 pages 3/4 – Report of Medical History (within 30 days of training)
      ● NSCADM 001 pages 5/6 – Report of Medical Exam (within one year of training)
      ● NSCADM 001 pages 7/8 – Report of Medical History Supplemental – Signed by Doctor if prescription
      medications are listed (write N/A if nothing is listed)
      ● NSCADM 001 page 9/10 – Request for Accommodation (write N/A if no accommodations are needed)
      ● Copy of Medical Insurance Card (front and back).
      ● Copy of Immunization Records
      If we do not have the required forms, you will not be allowed to attend the training.
  • Payment:
    • Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to USNSCC must be mailed to: 507 Barksdale Road Joppa, MD 21085
  • Bowman – Approved [BMR Complete]
  • McKayApproved [BMR 7 of 15]
  • GarciaApproved [BMR Complete]
  • OpdahlApproved [BMR 0 of 15]
  • WalmsleyApproved (Staff Cadet)

NSCC Leadership, POLA (NP-MD-1901L) – Aberdeen

NLCC Orientation, Basic (LB-VA-1901) – NS Norfolk


NSCC Recruit Training (RT-MA-1901) – Fort Devens

Navy Shore, Stem/Sea Perch/Robotic/Cyber (RK-PA-1901)

Medical, Other (MX-MI-1901)

Medical, Field Operations (MF-MI-1901)

Navy Shore, SEAGLIDE

Navy Shore, Other (RX-NY-1901)


Coast Guard, Shore/Boat Station (GS-VA-1901)

Public Safety, Search And Rescue (PQ-TN-1901)

NLCC Field Operations (LF-NY-1901)

Navy Shore, Field Operations (RD-NY-1901L)